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AGE: 22
Stetson Hatchkins has always had an interest in the supernatural. There was just something about Pine Hill that seemed off to her, and she had to get to the bottom of it. Now that she's a 22-year-old college dropout with a liquor problem (neither related to her paranormal obsession), she's devoted her life to hunting monsters. And she's gone all-in, acquiring good luck charms, monster repellents, guidebooks, and weapons. Sure, the rest of the townsfolk think she's crazy - but that's not gonna stop her from keeping the streets safe.
LIKES: Alcohol; Tabletop RPGs; Superhero Comics; Halloween; Licorice
DISLIKES: Vampires; Valentine's Day; Being Called Variants of "Christine"; Clowns; Hangovers

AGE: 22
Alexi takes academic pressure with astounding grace. Pressure from her housemate, however, is a different story. Generally the more mature of the two, Alexi tends to see Stetson's belief in the supernatural as quaint - only to learn the hard way that it's a VERY real threat. Still, when the facts are proven false, it's time to accept the new facts, and with her smarts, Alexi can adapt to these changes in stride.
LIKES: Gaming (Tabletop and Video); Sweet Coffees; Books; Classic Rock; Drawing Videos
DISLIKES: Wacky Adventures; Drunk Stetson; Christmas; Bats; Loot Boxes

AGE: ???
Taking the guise of a Halloween Jack-O' Lantern, JackO'Lantern is one of the most mysterious residents of Pine Hill. Few people know about him, and some of the ones who do think that the man inside the Bogeyman House is just a myth. Regardless of whether you believe in him or not, however, he knows a good many things about hunting monsters and keeping people safe. Despite his good intentions, however, it is unwise to cross him.
LIKES: Gaming (Tabletop and Video); Dogs; Halloween; Turnips; Metal
DISLIKES: Evil; Failure to Save People; His Past Self; Heroes Who Are Just as Bad as Villains; Attention