#23 - Okay maybe this was a bad idea in hindsight

Okay maybe this was a bad idea in hindsight

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Jeremy7 Jeremy7 said:

Happy St. Patrick's Day, the day commemorating the guy who yeeted serpents out of the Emerald Isles!

Admittedly, now is not the time to be celebrating with parties, pub crawls, and parades. We have a nasty disease going around, and have to socially distance ourselves from each other. Stetson and Alexi, being in the far-off year of 2036, don't have to deal with Covid-19, but we're not as lucky.

But you don't need to be social to celebrate St. Patrick's. Wear green, drink responsibly, play some video games or online tabletop games. Listen to some music. Watch YouTube. Metaphorically bite your thumb to the British. And hey - it's not like you'll be pinched for not wearing green anyways.

Anyways, Halloween is more Irish than St. Patrick's. I don't even think St. Patrick was Irish.

And if you think the image is in bad taste, considering Corona's grasp on the world right now, I don't blame you. I just saw another comic's St. Patrick's Day post and remembered that Tomorrow was a holiday, and rushed to draw artwork for it without thinking about the virus. As I sit here, March 16, I only now realize that a scene of my characters celebrating an event by practically hugging each other in a time of keeping our distance might be problematic. But as I said, 2036, and the lack of a real background could mean they are at a pub, a parade, or just in their kitchen.

So, have a safe, clean, St. Patrick's Day.
-Jeremy 7

17th Mar 2020, 12:30 PM