#29 - Ya Boi Gets Lit - in Let's Get Groovy

Ya Boi Gets Lit

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Jeremy7 Jeremy7 said:

I forgot to mention, when hunting vampires, Stetson tends to use wooden bullets. They're decidedly worse for vampires than they are for humans.

7th Apr 2020, 2:08 PM


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Kei Esteban

Kei Esteban Kei Esteban

He shall forever be known thru out history as:
Doomblood the Unfuckable!
(Assuming anyone bothers to remember him)

7th Apr 2020, 3:39 PM


Jeremy7 Jeremy7

Who are you talking about? I forget.

7th Apr 2020, 3:52 PM


lirvilas lirvilas

more like "Doomblood the Ventilated"

11th Jun 2020, 11:20 PM


Jeremy7 Jeremy7

Makes it easier to breathe at night.

12th Jun 2020, 6:41 AM