#3 - A-Huntin' We Shall Go - in Let's Get Groovy

A-Huntin' We Shall Go

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Author Note


Jeremy7 Jeremy7 said:

So I signed Stetson up for this year's Blind Date Exchange. Despite signups closing tonight, and Stetson having only two pages of screentime.

I mean, I guess you could gleam a bit of Stetson's personality from this.

If you still need help with her personality, though, contact me (via contacting HeSerpenty, and getting her to ask me) and I'll willingly answer questions on her SOBER personality. Or expand upon her drunken personality. Or just answer questions in general.

Just... don't contact me personally, unless you DON'T get Stetson, and are just including cameos (as seen in these pages) and want permission. Even then, I grant you permission to cameo my characters in ANY exchange.

7th Jan 2020, 12:00 PM