#50 - A Friendly Reminder From Your Friends at PHCF

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Author Note


Jeremy7 Jeremy7 said:

Okay, let me nip this question in the bud before it starts. Alexi and Chris aren't wearing their masks BECAUSE THEY LIVE IN THE YEAR 2036. They were six years old in 2020, so they've lived and learned! Jack is wearing his mask, however, because SOMEONE needs to set an example. Also, I didn't put my pen to my Intuos with the intention of making a PSA about PPE, I just wanted to draw Alexi and she looked peeved, so I made a little narrative about it.

FUN FACT! The original idea was for Alexi to be yelling at Doomblood, but then I realized I typed MaskS and had to change it to a more generic PSA. But I could have included him having to wear PPE AND a paper bag, cuz he ugleh.

Be smart. Be safe. Protect others.

14th Jul 2020, 12:30 PM